Narrative #1
Me and my mommy were at home preparing for my daddy's birthday! At dusk we made a cake! It was orange. Later on we went bowling. My daddy won! At last my daddy opened his presents. He was excited! I wish that my daddy has a another super birthday!

Narrative #2
zzzzzz It was my big birthday I WAS SO HAPPY ! At dusk we played a hole bunch of rounds of hopscotch.Next we ate pizza Alexis was taking all of it and it was rile fun! Last we went to bed bat when my mommy whet upstairs we wood play I whet to sleep at 2 00 in the morning but all of my bffs went to sleep after me except Lisa. I wish when I am 9 I will have a b day just the same as this special b day! Narrative #3 on June 10th I got to see i carly my mommy wan the tickets! fr