All About Me

HI. My name is Jacob. My favorite sport is wall ball. I have a wall ball at my house.
My favorite thing to do is play video games. I love pokemon platnum! I am finished with the game man. I have a wii,D.S.,D.S.I.,gameboy and all the game consels .It's crazy +fun+cool.
At home I break dance so good man. I can do the six step. My brother is the master at break dancing man. He does popping so good. My best friends are Diego,Jordan and family. I play them usually but these days not Diego so much.
You will be taught 3 digit numbers by me man. I know 345+201=546 because I'm good at math.
My favorite thing to do at school is reading and writing. I read long books. Here's a page of the last dragon. It's the first page. "The rain had been falling for days.The mud came up to my ankles." I give up. Well I'm still working on it still.
I love Karate .I go to blue dragon marshel arts.
My favorite name is Jayjay. The other one is jay. That's from rock band. I love rock band. JayJay is from pokemon. My favorite.
Well,I bet I did not tell you that I was in 2nd grade! Ya,sorry.Sometimes I tell jokes to my friends but I'm not telling jokes on the computer.
My brothers are11 years old and15.I'm7 years.Me and my brothers are 4 years upart. My mom is 41 and my dad is 42.Pops is 70.He lives with me.My birthday is at 12-28.

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