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HI! My name is JACOB. I like Michael Jackson music. My favorite place is Comic Odesy .I am 6 years old and my favorite sport is ping pong. I like skateboards! I have a DC skateboradGuitar Hero is my favrote game.Sponge Bob is my favroite TV show!My fish is orange and my other fish is black!My guitar is white.My music style is hip pop.Alien workshop is my favroite brand..DGK is awesome.Gold is my favroite colo! My dad is nice to me and my mom buys me lots and lots of shoes. I have a playstaion 3 and a Xbox 360 i am so lucky! I scram super loud!My favroite drink is dr pepar.This is my favroite website @nd. . . i like barbuce chips! Swimming is the best sport ever! Yu-gi-oh is my favroite card game.Bike riding is fun.wii is awesome.basktball is cool.fall out boy is my favroite band beat it is there best song ever!I have a plan b skateborad how about THAT!and my shoes are awesome! my favriote animal is a monkey and i like bannans.choclate is my favroite candy.vanalia is my faroite kind of ice cream.Rob dyrdek is my favroite person.I have a awesome dog Oso.And i have a awesome teacher and a nice classroom.Reading is my favroite subject.My cousin David is xbox live and he gets to talk to his friends and my brother Nico.Nathan and my other brother joshua alawys smacks me.disney land is awesome and star tours.watermelon is my favroite fruit.parades is my my favorite basball team and the chargers are my favrroite football team to.I want judgment dragon and crush card virus its the most exspesive card in yu-gi-oh.Phineas and Ferb is awesome.Michael jacksons bests song is thriller and black or white.I wish i had a 10000000$Youtube has the best videos.chess in the crust pizza geniuos.I want to be famous.I want a green lambo.My good book is magic tree house #5night of the ninjas.I am right handed in little brother is 2.and my other is 4.and my last brother is14.My brothers drive me crazy!My realy best frends are Jacob t,justin and Morgan.My favorite thing of a video games are yugioh 5ds,yugioh gx

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