Hi my name is Haley. I am 7 years old. I have one brother my brother is named Hayden.I am crazy with my brother!
I am a girl. I have a wonderful famliy! My family is the nicest,kindest,loving and caring!
My favorite place to go is Disney World! My favorite ride at Disney World is Indiana Jones!
My favorite food is rice and sushi! My faveorite dessert is Cookies and cream ice cream!
I have 1 fish. I have lots of stuff animals!
My favorite color is green.
My school is awsome. Everyone is nice to me! Know what? I am in 2nd grade.I know what 100+100 is 200! I now what 200-1=199. I know subtraction facts for example, 100-20=80!I know what 1000+1000=2000!

I am on Magic Tree house #31!I had awesome days at school! My favorite thing to do at school is writing!
My favorite music is Wicked! My favorite TV show is Snorks! My favorite DVD is Hary Potter!
My favorite city is Paris!
I have a DSI. I have a wii! Me and morgan are going to become friends on club penguin! Now I changed my favorite book now my favorite book is... Naria! I am geting all the Naria books!
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