All About Me!

IMG_1224.JPGHi my name is Chloe. I am in 2nd grade. I am 8 years old and I have 1 brother and 1 sister. There name is Carl and Chelsea.
My friends are Ally and my classmates. Ally is my best friend since kindergardin.Today she is still my friend.
I got these friends named Macee and Patrick threre my nighbors. When they come to my house, I give them these milk jug. Then they drive me crazy about them!!!!!One time Patrick sat on top of the tree house had a mlik jug, and his 18 years old. If you were there it will be hilarious! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite books are chapter books. My favorite color is the rainbow colors. My favorite movies are ice age one and ice age two,bee movie,High School musicul one, two and three and more. I am a philipino. My favorite contry is the philipines. My favorite subject in school in is math and sience. Chuk E. Cheese, Build a Bear Workshop, the swimming pool, Disneyland,and school are my favorite places to go. I have gone to to a lot of places. Math is my favorite because I know what 9 times 9 =81 and my teacher did not teach me that. But I know it. I also know 3 digit numbers. I know what 333+423+111=8670 .
I am not really into viedo games, but I am into math,reading,writing and to ADVENTURE!!!!
Hello I am back. Its been along time I haven't been here on this web site. But something has changed, now i'm in 3RD GRADE!!!

Chloe's Personal Narrative